Foraging is trendy. The term implies the collection of edible things from forest and meadow- wild herbs, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, wild berries. Formerly this used to be an important and necessary source of nutrition, today it is rather a hobby but also an expression of a certain life philosophy: Pure nature, back to the roots, a careful handling with our resources. There is a big interest in wild food: almost every second Austrian is an enthusiastic collector of mushrooms. Wild herbs, fir cones and tree tops of spruces are found on the plates of local gourmet restaurants. For some years Axel Kiesbye has created a forest beer in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Forestry Office. Foraging is an intensive form of the trend local restaurant. Trend researchers call it restaurant back to the roots. 

Wild berries are the fruity aspect of foraging and in many ways they are significant. The big asset of cowberries, blackberries, blueberries and others is their variety of flavours: From very sweet to tangy, peppery notes, crunchy-leathery or juicy-fruity. They contain lots of good substances like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and in respect to colour they offer a firework from a bright raspberry-red to an intensive blueberry-blue.

This is why esarom, an expert in taste for industrially manufactured food and beverages, has concentrated on those local super-fruits and has declared them as the trendy flavour in 2017. Isolde Tomann, flavourist and head of the flavour creation department at esarom: “Raspberry flavours are often candy-like and strawberry flavours jam-like. With our new range of wild berry flavours the natural flavour profile of the fruit is in the foreground. The blueberry, for example, has a very forest-like note. With its tangy note the cowberry differs from the rather sweeter cranberry flavours.” The concentrated variety in taste offers to the producers in the food and beverage industry of the country - and also abroad – manifold possibilities to please us customers with trendy products and moments of indulgence. Will we find a touch of foraging on the shelves of our supermarkets? Let’s wait and see! 

The Austrian magazine TREND published the ranking of Austrias TOP 300 employers. esarom is on the 8th place in the category foodstuff and luxury food. Thousands of employees were asked to give feedback to more than 1000 companies from 20 different branches employing more than 200 people. In cooperation with Statista, Xing and kununu more than 70.000 feedbacks were evaluated.

Together with Winkler und Dünnebier Süßwarenmaschinen GmbH, one of the world‘s best-known manufacturers of confectionery machines, we offer confectionery manufacturers two important components as a package for their successful products: Technology and Taste.