At each stage, product development in the confectionary industry should be as fast and cost-efficient as possible. Obtaining the desired mould for manufacturing the first samples at the push of a button is a dream that can come true!


Innovative 3D printing technology inspires the food industry! Prototypes of unique casting moulds for chocolate products, such as pralines and chocolate bars, or prototypes of stamping moulds for confectionary products, such as jelly products and fruit gum, are printable within hours. After scanning and modelling the desired motive, the computer assisted technology creates a 3D object by printing layer for layer to the millimetre.


To find the matching flavour, our Sensory Dictionary supports you in your product development. Thanks to descriptions and the corresponding reference samples, product developers and flavour suppliers speak a common sensory language that avoids misunderstandings and saves time as well as costs. Rapid prototyping – 3D printing and the Sensory Dictionary make it possible!


Experience 3D printing technology and the Sensory Dictionary first-hand at our house! As an Austrian flavour manufacturer we invite you backstage to individual workshops. At the modern product development seminar of the ZDS (Central College of the German Confectionery Industry) in Solingen, our innovative process has already been met with enthusiasm. In line with the motto “many questions – many answers”, our team and a 3D printing expert offer exclusive insights into rapid prototyping.


If you are interested, please contact the Division Manager of our Confectionery Department for further information.


Stefan Kotynek, MBA, MSc

Division Manager Confectionery Department


The Austrian magazine TREND published the ranking of Austrias TOP 300 employers. esarom is on the 2nd place in the category foodstuff and luxury food. Thousands of employees were asked to give feedback to more than 1,000 companies from 20 different branches employing more than 200 people. In cooperation with Statista, Xing and kununu more than 165,000 feedbacks were evaluated.

Texture is the new colour. One of the latest food trends.
Texture in beverages? It works – take a look to our concept Chuicy Drinks!


Going out in the evening, meet friends, in the hippest bar in town – but not interested in drinking alcohol? We have a concept for you: Cool, trendy and no alcohol, but esarom inside: Flavoured tonics!


Your answer is: Orange! – That’s correct! But multivitamin drinks can be colourful! Have a look to our concept multix3!


Energy Drinks are still a small segment, but one with with fantastic growth rates. Nevertheless it always needs new impulses. Energy Drinks – What’s next? Find ideas here!

One or the other of us already longs for warm summer days. Maybe even for a time out in a tropical holiday country. And enjoys with joyful anticipation of the upcoming a refreshing mango lassi or a spicy mango chutney ...

MANGO – one of the most popular tropical fruits and also one that has a lot to talk about!



„Kitchengarden“ – a new beverage concept created by esarom: lemonades and beer mix drinks.

For the lemonades esarom combines culinary herbs with fruits everyone knows from the orchard, or with lemon, the typical and classical fruit for lemonades.

The concept for beer mix drinks is based on classic Radlers, the citrus flavours get a slight touch of culinay herbs.

The result: Classics with a trendy twist!



Efficient product development in time and ressources – how can it work?

"Modern, interactive product development in the confectionery industry"
was a 2-day-seminar at ZDS in Soligen, Germany, the most important training center for the confectionery industry worldwide.

Experts presented the latest methods for optimizing the processes in product development –
there were presentations and practical examples. Customer orientated and targetgroup-specific.

We feel happy, to be among the speakers of this seminar!

More info? Please have a look to the programm (in German)

Совместно с фирмой "Винклер унд Дюннебир Зюсваренмашинен ГмбХ", всемирно известным производителем оборудования для кондитерской промышленности, с этого момента производителям кондитерских изделий мы предлагаем в одном пакете два важных компонента, позволяющих создавать успешные продукты: технологию и вкус.