Strolling through exhibition halls discovering new foodstuffs and beverages is always exciting – especially after a period of abstinence. At ANUGA 2021 in Cologne, the leading global trade fair for the food and beverage industry, we enjoyed days of trend-scouting and net-working. We met many SPARKLING companies and TASTED a lot of inspiring food and drinks.

Thanks to the hybrid format of the fair with ANUGA @ HOME we could extend our visit by watching presentations, key notes and panel discussions back at home online. Big thanks to the ANUGA team for this.


Daniel Anthes, Trend and Sustainability Expert Zukunftsinstitut is talking about the transformation of nutrition in his keynote. Food reflects the changes we go through in our society, he says. And these changes are driven by megatrends. Daniel Anthes mentions 4 megatrends which especially influence our future nutrition – all 4 already present for several times and boosted by the experiences we made the last months because of the pandemic:


indulgence and health should and can go together


we get informed, we order, we communicate more and more online – we would like to be connected with retailers and producers along the supply chain of what we eat and drink


sustainability thinking about humans, animals and the planet


self optimization matched to our individual situations and our personal needs.

Technology will play a significant role to manage the changes we already see. Keyword “Plant based” or “Cell cultured”. Upcycling of by-products arising during the processing of food can bring new opportunities and help to use our resources more efficiently. “Natural” and “Synthetic” will be seen in a different light. A mindful dealing will be a key to success.

At ANUGA we talked to people who drive the transformation, we tried food and drinks which let us taste the transformation. We met many companies creating good and honest products in a – let’s say – traditional way as well. The world of food and beverage is diverse. The world of food and beverages is exciting – in our opinion more than during the last decades.

We summarized our ANUGA experience 2021 and we feel happy to share it. JUST ONE KLICK HERE.

If this inspires you to work on your products of tomorrow, let’s talk to make them together tasty and irresistible.