esarom has created an extensive apple portfolio, which goes beyond the actual fruit.

Apple – 5 reasons why

Good news for the carbonated beverages industry:

Up to 50% faster start up time. 
Up to 18°C filling temperature.
Up to 25% faster filling.

This saves time and money. And this is possible with CO2Sustain® 
CO2Sustain® is a patented liquid processing aid for the carbonated beverages industry.
It discourages bubbles from joining and dispersing so quickly which keeps the CO2 bubbles small and increases CO2 solubility. 
CO2Sustain® is used at very low concentrations. High value for money. 
It has no impact on taste, colour or odour.

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esarom is an official partner of Sustain®CO2 Limited

The Austrian magazine TREND published the ranking of Austrias TOP 300 employers. esarom is on the 5th place in the category foodstuff and luxury food. Thousands of employees were asked to give feedback to more than 1,000 companies from 20 different branches employing more than 200 people. In cooperation with Statista, Xing and kununu more than 200,000 feedbacks were evaluated. This is already the 3rd year esarom is one of  of Austrias TOP 10 employers in the category foodstuff and luxury food.

Going out in the evening, meet friends, in the hippest bar in town – but not interested in drinking alcohol? We have a concept for you: Cool, trendy and no alcohol, but esarom inside: Flavoured tonics!


Your answer is: Orange! – That’s correct! But multivitamin drinks can be colourful! Have a look to our concept multix3!


„Kitchengarden“ – a new beverage concept created by esarom: lemonades and beer mix drinks.

For the lemonades esarom combines culinary herbs with fruits everyone knows from the orchard, or with lemon, the typical and classical fruit for lemonades.

The concept for beer mix drinks is based on classic Radlers, the citrus flavours get a slight touch of culinay herbs.

The result: Classics with a trendy twist!



Efficient product development in time and ressources – how can it work?

"Modern, interactive product development in the confectionery industry"
was a 2-day-seminar at ZDS in Soligen, Germany, the most important training center for the confectionery industry worldwide.

Experts presented the latest methods for optimizing the processes in product development –
there were presentations and practical examples. Customer orientated and targetgroup-specific.

We feel happy, to be among the speakers of this seminar!

More info? Please have a look to the programm (in German)