In the sections below, we would like to inform you about the personal data which will be collected from you, the purpose for which it is collected and how your sensitive data will be handled.
Please read this information regularly because new regulations may come into force, for e.g. due to legal changes, and we may have to constantly adapt our procedures to these regulations accordingly.


  1. Our objective is to provide as many services are possible for free and anonymous use.
  2. Your personal data will be collected, processed and used by us in accordance with the current data privacy acts of the Republic of Austria and the data privacy policy of the European Union, as well as your consent. This data will be used exclusively to enable you to use our services which require registration.
  3. We will not share your personal data with third parties without your express consent (unless we are forced to do so due to legal requirements).
  4. You will be able to view your personal data that is available with us. You may request us to update this data or delete it if you no longer want to use the respective service. Only for paid services, we are legally required to store your data for a longer duration.


We collect and store two kinds of data during your visit.

  1. The technical information about your visit, sent to us by the server systems and your browser, are completely anonymous. These include technical data about your browser, your IP address, the time of your visit, as well as information about the webpages you visited and accessed. This data cannot be mapped by us to you and it is not combined with any other potential personal data. This technical data is commonly stored and is used solely for ensuring and optimising the server operation and to generate access statistics.
  2. For certain services, you may be asked for personal data that is absolutely necessary. Depending on the service, it may be your name, your postal address, your contact information such as email, phone or fax number, your date of birth, your account information, your gender or even your preferences. Depending on the service, all the data need not be always provided.


We will be glad to answer your questions and address your concerns related to your personal data, as well as your questions related to data privacy. Please send an email to in this regard or contact us directly.



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