Fresh peaches hanging on a tree
Announcing 2024 as the Year of the Peach

Juicy, sweet and a fragrant aroma – what an incredible velvety fruit that is! Join us on an extraordinary journey as we delve into the enchanting taste profile of peach.
Let the essence of peach captivate your senses, and together, let’s make 2024 a year to savour!

Nature's Perfect Harmony

Known for its succulent flesh and fragrant aroma, the taste profile of a ripe peach is a delicate balance between sweetness and a slight tanginess. The flavour is reminiscent of a sun-kissed orchard, making it a perfect candidate for beverages and food.

The peach, scientifically known as
"Prunus persica"
A symbol of sweetness & harmony

White Peach & Yellow Peach

As we dive deeper into the world of peach we’d like to highlight two of the most popular varieties: White and yellow peach. Even though they belong to the same fruit family their flavour characteristics show some striking differences.

While the yellow peach is strongly lactonic, fruity and may also have woody flavour notes (attribute peach pit) the white peach fruit stands out with more sulphuric and peely notes, is juicier and sweeter than the yellow fruit. Both show little floral attributes.

As we dedicate 2024 to the flavour of peach, we invite you to explore our broad flavour portfolio of peach, ranging from the taste of the natural fruit to exceptional and more sophisticated flavours such as peach blossom (a fruity aroma topped with floral notes), which adds a special character to formulations such as ice tea or energy drinks.

Look forward to nectarine (pulpy) or the flavour of the popular ice cream cup “Peach Melba” (sweet, lactonic, slightly sour) and – of course yellow and white peach flavours.

Flavour Pairing Options

Combine the sweetness of passionate peach with the herbaceous freshness of basil for a refreshing beverage or sorbet.

Create a luscious dessert by pairing peach with the creamy, aromatic notes of vanilla. Add some raspberry and voila – Peach Melba cup is ready to be relished. Just in case you’re thirsty – would you try an energy drink flavoured like this incredible tasty ice cream cup?

Add a zing to your beverage creations by combining the warm spiciness of ginger with the sweet and juicy essence of peach.

Elevate sensory experiences with peach-infused passion-fruit flavours to your energy drink.

The orange’s profile is a complex combination of compounds like limonene and octanal, which gives oranges their citrusy scent, plus orther fruity and pine-scented aroma molecules. A perfect fit to the peaches‘ cream-scented lactones.

Blackberries offer a rich and juicy taste with a slightly musk undertone – try something new and combine it with the lactonic flavours of the peach.

Pairing peach with raspberry creates a sensory harmony that combines the lush, sweet notes of ripe peaches with the vibrant, slightly tart essence of raspberries.
The juicy and succulent notes of ripe peaches intertwine seamlessly with the earthy, slightly peppery undertones of clove, enhancing the overall flavor profile. Together, they offer a harmonious blend that engages the taste buds with a combination of fruity brightness and a subtle, lingering warmth from the clove, resulting in a uniquely enticing sensory experience.
Both of these fruits can make a delightful flavor pairing, as they complement each other in terms of sweetness, tartness, and aroma.
Prosecco with Peach puree


Guiseppe Cipriani invented the Bellini at Harry’s Bar in Venice in 1948 by combining one part fresh white peach puree with two parts Prosecco.

Bowls filled with Vanilla Ice Cream, Peaches and Raspberry Sauce

Peach Melba

The classic peach Melba is a dessert of peached poaches served over vanilla ice cream with a drizzle of raspberry coulis. It was invented by the legendary Auguste Escoffier to honour the Australian soprano, Nellie Melba.

Colour of the year 2024

Did you know that PANTONE declared that “Peach Fuzz” is colour of the year 2024? It’s the perfect moment for creating a beverage in that trending peachy colour, isn’t it?

Contact us in order to get the right colouring solutions for your product. esarom offers a broad portfolio of natural and conventional colours (fluid or powder).

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