Enjoy your energy drink flavoured with ice cream
Energy Drinks with a Sweet Twist of Ice Cream Flavour

It’s hard to imagine someone who doesn’t like ice cream. Think of a cup full of this creamy, ice-cold indulgence, covered in raspberry sauce and colourful sprinkles on top. Could you resist?
What if a brand creates an energy drink infused with the sensory experience of ice cream. Would you try it/drink it? 

Treating oneself on the go

The demand for foods giving us small moments of gratification in our everyday lives is more present than ever. The pandemic has shown that “self-care as guilty pleasure has transformed to a necessary coping mechanism” (Mintel, 2021).

Self-care is key

By implementing such innovative flavour variation in their products, beverage manufacturers can tap into a market that craves a moment of joy amidst busy schedules.

Check out the video where Jennifer Herdlicka, one of esarom’s product developers exclusively unveils three flavour profiles of GELATERIA energy drinks:

A flavourful twist

The introduction of ice cream-inspired flavours adds a new dimension to the energy drink market. Imagine sipping on a rich and creamy energy drink with notes of vanilla, chocolate, or even fruity sorbet – it’s a sensory experience that offers a delightful departure from the norm.

Why Energy Drinks
are still on top:

Added "added" value

Consumers associate energy drinks with an acquired taste or high caffeine content. With  GELATERIA energy drink consumers can be enticed by the familiarity and nostalgia of their favourite ice cream flavours (and additionally get an energy booster). 

Speaking of nostalgia – would you like to try a soft drink inspired by your favourite videogame from childhood?

Your partner in taste

At esarom, we understand that successful trends are born from innovation and customization. Our team of flavour experts is dedicated to creating authentic ice cream-inspired flavours that seamlessly blend with the energy drink formula. 

Whether it’s the velvety sweetness of a classic vanilla cone or the zesty kick of a citrus sorbet, we craft flavours that transform energy drinks into irresistible indulgences.